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Yeah, it's another cartoon site. You can't swing a cat without hitting one nowadays. Well, as long as you're here, have a look.

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The first Ranger Karl cartoon, part 1.
The first Ranger Karl cartoon, part B.
Snack time.Let's do lunch.
A defining moment.
Another defining moment.
Biblical humor.
Sometimes, love hurts.
Fashion History.
The right to own and arm bears.
Willy Loman, eat your heart out.
Ask Click and Clack.
Thank you, Dr Freud.
Urban Jacques.
Art lesson.
Special Olympics, here I come.
Ranger Karl in Africa.
Africa, continued.
Ranger Karl out of Africa.
Rude comments.
Repressed memories.
Idiots in motion tend to remain idiots.
Peter Parker picked a peck of pickled peppers.
Gimme the gold medal, now!
A Ranger Karl adventure, part 1.
part 2.
part 3.
Sweet and sauerkraut.
The game of kings.
Your prayers are answered.
Karl at home.
Climbin' up that corporate ladder.


Natural defense mechanism.
I think she likes you, Karl.
Play dead, boy. Good doggy.
A horse of a different color.


Your link to the afterlife.
Rough weekend.


Barstow Productions
Stan Waling's Dithered Twits
Hip Shot by Andy White
David Cooney

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